Clean Energy BC is encouraged by the continued financial support for CleanBC to assist with the energy transition, electrification and climate action. The province is providing an additional $419 million over three years to support reaching the targets set out in CleanBC. This year’s budget increases support for electric vehicles and low-carbon solutions for industry and the built-environment, mainly BC’s schools and hospitals. Overall, Budget 2020 reconfirmed the government’s commitments to CleanBC.

BC’s Budget 2020 describes how all levels of government and First Nations are working together to support local growth, a green economy and inclusive communities. It is important to acknowledge that clean electricity facilities that are owned and operated by – or partnered with – First Nations are helping to charge economic reconciliation within BC.

Maintaining sustainable energy resources throughout the province provides regional economic development. Budget 2020 announced the BC Access Grant to make education more accessible. This grant will help continue to build the skilled workforce that we need to develop and operate the renewable energy facilities that play a key role in the energy transition and electrification.

Clean Energy BC’s members currently provide reliable energy to British Columbians. The cost of renewable energy technologies has been dropping and our members have the knowledge and expertise to deliver cost-effective projects. This low-cost, low-carbon electricity will help keep life affordable, develop a sustainable economy and help the Government of BC reach their emission reduction targets set out in CleanBC. Climate change provides a massive challenge, to overcome it both private and public power will need to work together. The private clean energy sector has invested over $9 billion into BC’s economy and is excited at the opportunity to invest more.

About Clean Energy BC

Clean Energy BC (CEBC) has been the voice of British Columbia’s clean energy sector for over 25 years. We are an industry association that represents independent power producers (IPPs), developers, operators, service providers, First Nations and academic institutions. CEBC believes in decarbonizing BC’s energy system using low-carbon electricity produced by our IPPs. We mainly do this through the production of non-damming hydroelectricity, wind power and solar power.

Click here to download a PDF version of CEBC’s response to the 2020 budget.