Electrification of BC White Paper Release

In 2018, CEBC focused on producing the “Electrification of British Columbia” white paper. Electrification is the only major current solution and the government’s messaging is starting to echo this same message.

BC Hydro and the BCUC currently do not take climate change policy into detailed account in their decision-making. This is part of the reason why their load growth predictions for the province are still fairly low. To meet our 2030, 40% GHG reduction target we would likely need to increase the amount of electricity produced in BC by around 50%; and to meet our 2050, 80% reduction target, BC would need over 100% more electricity.

British Columbia is particularly well-suited for clean electrification. In fact, electrification offers the province a critical competitive advantage in the global pursuit of clean growth. The province boasts one of the lowest-carbon electricity grids in North America. Its power generation sector can responsibly and cost-effectively provide the additional renewable electricity that extensive electrification will require.

There has never been a better time for low-cost, private-sector clean energy power producers to ensure that the province delivers on its climate change commitments.