CEBC is an industry association that promotes the growth of BC’s clean energy industry by advocating for environmentally responsible and viable power generation, transmission, and management resources that serve the public by providing cost effective electricity. This goal entails assisting the manufacturing, supply, and service industries that shape clean energy production in BC and around the world. CEBC strives to maintain strong relationships with all levels of government, BC Hydro, First Nations communities, environmental organizations and the public.

Powering Indigenous Reconciliation

CEBC has several First Nation members and works in partnership with Indigenous organizations and First Nations to support the advancement of their priorities in the clean energy industry.

A large number of Indigenous Nations embrace renewable energy projects as developers, and through partnerships with other CEBC members. BC’s renewable energy industry has a long and proven track record as leaders in cultivating respectful partnerships with First Nations based on equity participation and royalty agreements. Over 90% of BC’s IPP projects have some form of First Nations participation — as full owners, equity partners, or through royalty agreements.

Numerous BC First Nations have persistently articulated a desire to participate in BC’s electricity system as developers of renewable energy generation assets. This is largely because the sector aligns with many nations’ deeply held values related to environmental stewardship and self-reliance while fostering self-sufficiency and economic reconciliation.

In addition to the benefits of moving away from carbon-intensive and often dangerous energy options such as diesel and propane, these renewable energy projects provide First Nations with revenue, training, education, employment, and environmental benefits that contributes to the economic reconciliation defined in Section 92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Call to Action.

The Voice of Independent Power

CEBC has been the voice of the Clean Energy industry and independent power for over 30 years.

Over 130 members

With over 130 members, CEBC represents the vast majority of the clean energy operating and development companies in the province, as well as the suppliers, contractors and service providers to BC’s clean energy industry.

Technological Diversity

Our members include companies that develop and produce wind, solar, small (run-of-river) hydro, biomass, biogas and emerging technologies such as geothermal, ocean/tidal and biofuels.

Effective Advocacy

We advocate for favourable policy, regulatory, and market conditions for clean energy production in British Columbia engaging and collaborating with First Nations, municipalities, and all levels of government and industry.

Clean Energy in a Decarbonized World

Renewable energy is a major ingredient in global GHG reduction targets and a sustainable future. We provide information and facilitate informed discussion on the important role of our industry in the drive to net-zero.

Our Mission

To support BC’s transition to low-carbon energy through the development of effective climate policy and clean energy electrification. 

Association Structure

CEBC is governed by an elected Board of Directors serving three-year terms on a staggered basis. Board strategy and directions are executed by an Executive Director and Association staff.

Significant and valuable contributions to the Association’s success are made by membership volunteers in our operating committees: Market, Conference, Operations, First Nations, Regulatory, Solar, Wind, and Hydro.

The Association and the Industry

The Clean Energy Association of British Columbia has been the voice of BC’s clean energy industry for over 30 years and represents many types of clean energy operating and development companies, as well as suppliers, contractors, and service providers to the clean energy industry within the province.

The renewable energy industry has evolved from a handful of small development companies to 146 substantial development, operating, and supply chain companies delivering approximately 16% of the Province’s supply. The energy mix includes proven technologies such as small (run-of-river) hydro, wind, solar, natural gas, biomass, and biogas, and emerging technologies such as geothermal, ocean/tidal, and biofuels.

Clean power is all around us. It charges our smartphones, it allows our kids to play soccer at night, it runs our businesses and industries, and it powers the transit system that gets us to work. BC’s clean power industry responsibly, reliably, and affordably produces renewable energy for more than 1.5 million homes across the province.

Clean power production attracts investment, creates socio-economic benefits such as jobs, taxes and local economic stimulus, and leaves a lasting positive legacy for First Nations and communities. The industry has attracted billions in investment to the province while diversifying the economy, providing opportunities for First Nations and communities, while respecting the environmental integrity of our lands, airs and waters clean. 

Clean energy projects are an important part of the future of British Columbia. The Province has abundant clean energy resources, and the prudent, cost-effective development of these resources is fundamental to our future prosperity and sustainability as a society.


To develop and grow a viable and affordable Clean Energy industry in BC that provides cost-effective and environmentally responsible electricity to the public.


To grow the Association, recognizing that through a robust and active membership, BC’s Clean Energy industry will grow and thrive along with it.


To work collaboratively with BC’s First Nations because we recognize the transformative economic opportunity clean energy projects offer both First Nations and rural communities through royalties, shared revenues and taxes, and jobs and investments.


To improve the regulatory and economic environments for clean energy production in BC.