Clean Energy BC (CEBC) welcomes the invitation from the Province of British Columbia to engage and provide feedback during the Phase 2 of the Comprehensive Review of BC Hydro. The Phase 2 Interim Report was released by the Province of BC on March 6, 2020. 

CEBC and its members have an interest in the long-term success of BC Hydro and a strong desire to collaborate with BC Hydro and the Government of BC to partner in building a better BC. Spanning all corners of BC, Independent Power Producers are currently providing stable jobs to many British Columbians, and tax revenues to the province and municipalities. BC’s 123 privately-owned power projects are an inextricable part of this province’s clean energy future. The industry has already invested $9 billion in British Columbia and is poised to make the investments required to meet BC’s incremental electricity needs, while providing family-supporting jobs throughout the province. 

The clean energy sector offers an invaluable service to British Columbians. The geographic diversity of Independent Power Producers helps bring regional economic development across BC, all while providing highly skilled jobs. In recent years, the cost of renewable energy technologies has been dropping. Now more than ever, our industry is well-equipped to help the Province of BC and BC Hydro in achieving the CleanBC targets.

Isabelle Deguise, Chair of Clean Energy BC

CEBC is encouraged by BC Hydro and the Province of BC’s proactive approach to examining the evolving utility model, shifting needs and expectations of its customers and opportunity to support decarbonization. Independent Power Producers have the expertise to supply affordable and safe renewable energy with the speed, innovation and agility required to decarbonize our energy system; while the inherent risks associated with infrastructure development, operation and maintenance are transferred to private sector investors. Clean electricity facilities that are owned and operated by – or partnered with – First Nations are helping to further reconciliation within BC. By partnering with BC Hydro, Independent Power Producers have played and can continue to play an important role in cultivating opportunities with First Nation communities, creating local jobs throughout BC, and ensuring we achieve BC’s climate targets.

Clean Energy BC looks forward to reviewing the Phase 2 Interim Report with its members and submitting a formal response.