On March 12th, Kwatuuma Cole Sayers was invited to offer his perspective in live radio and television interviews regarding challenges BC is facing regarding power with respect to possible drought conditions this year as well as the need for energy diversification.

Kwatuuma Cole Sayers, “BC Hydro released its first Call for Power in 15 years. It’s scary with droughts showing that climate change is here and impacting our infrastructure but it is an exciting time because we are taking action right now to ensure that we’re going to have clean energy when we need it. Even when Site C comes on line, we’re still going to need more power. Droughts are showing us we need to diversify our electricity production and certainly with this Call for Power, we’ll bring on cost effective options in terms of wind and solar into the grid so that we can help make sure rates remain affordable and clean and energy remains environmentally responsible.”

Cole spoke to Jas Johal on 980 CKNW as part of the ‘Our Energy Future’ series and Tanya Fletcher on CBC Vancouver.

Click here for the CBC interview.

Click here for the CKNW interview.