Today (April 3, 2024), Clean Energy BC (CEBC) Executive Director Kwatuuma Cole Sayers joined Minister Josie Osborne, BC Hydro President and CEO Chris O’Riley, Cody Gatzke Local 258 IBEW, and Merran Smith President of New Economy Canada for BC Hydro’s announcement issuing the call to acquire 3,000 gigawatt-hours per year of new renewable energy as early as 2028 is the first step towards meeting the province’s electrification needs.

left-right: Kwatuuma Cole Sayers (CEBC Executive Director), Cody Gatzke, Minister Josie Osborne, Chris O’Riley and Merran Smith

Today’s announcement provides more certainty regarding future calls for power. The government press release states that BC Hydro expects its next call to be issued in 2026, with successive calls to be issued approximately every two years. This aligns with recent discussions and provides developers with more confidence in the future of BC’s clean energy industry and broader clean economy.

As BC’s current major projects wrap up, it’s also worth emphasizing the good-paying jobs that are associated with this call, with 800 to 1,500 expected to be created on average annually.

Clean Energy BC members are in the right sector, in the right place, at the right time, with the right mission. All the elements are in place to ensure our sector has the wind at its back and is ready to produce the clean electricity needed to power the energy transition and our diverse economy.

There is no question anymore, we need to procure and build significantly more renewable energy: to provide affordable, reliable, environmentally-responsible clean energy to meet rising electricity demand; to position British Columbia as a clean energy superpower by seizing BC’s low carbon advantage; and, to compete in the new, clean economy by attracting new and increased clean investment – opening the door to more opportunities for people and communities throughout our province.

We’re ready, and we’re excited. Thank you to Minister Osborne and President and CEO Chris O’Riley for inviting CEBC to take part in this exciting and significant announcement.

See April 3, 2024 BC Government News Release