Senior Vice President, Sector Leader, Environmental Services, Energy (Canada), Stantec

Ward is driven to make your project a success. After more than 20 years as an environmental consultant he knows winning is about planning the best project possible, working with the most qualified team, and getting the regulatory approvals. There’s a thrill in finding better ways to get a project permitted. In Ward’s opinion, we’re a technical company of geeks and we should embrace it. 

With a background in fisheries, water quality, and regulatory processes, Ward has managed environmental assessments and permitting for large projects in the energy and transportation sectors. Today he leads Stantec’s Canadian midstream work in environmental services, ensuring our team is working together to provide high quality products that meet your needs and those of the regulators. 

Ward’s passion for his work doesn’t leave him with a lot of free time, but he always gets his dogs out for a couple of good walks every day and takes time on weekends for landscaping his yard.