Skidegate Band Council, Deputy Chief Councillor

Nangkilslas, Trent Moraes, is a Haida from Skidegate, Haida Gwaii. He is an elected member of the Skidegate Band Councillor and is the current Deputy Chief Councillor. He spent a decade in administration as the Director of Housing, Lands & Energy for the Skidegate Band Council. Trent helped create and maintain an Energy portfolio in Skidegate and for Haida Gwaii. 

Trent is also a member of several groups concerning energy and climate adaptation including the First Nations Home Energy Save Advisory, Indigenous Clean Energy Opportunities Electricity Table Advisory Group and current Chair of the Indigenous Services Canada Aboriginal Capital Committee, Indigenous Climate Adaptations Working Group, First Nations Remote Community Energy Strategy Working Group and the Indigenous Coastal Climate Coalition. 

Trent helped the Skidegate Band Council study the needs of the community and Haida Gwaii, created awareness on the emerging technologies and energy efficiency strategies available, and invested in solar hot water and solar PV for community and residential buildings. Skidegate has engaged BC Hydro on many levels and helped create Indigenous pilot programs for B.C. The Skidegate community goal is to become one of the greenest communities in B.C.