Engineer, Power Advisory

Travis Lusney is a Professional Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the regulated and commercial electricity sectors. He offers relevant experience in transmission and distribution power system planning, generation procurement strategy, policy development and power purchase agreement negotiations. Travis provides clients with a unique expertise in the integration between generation development and transmission/distribution planning by providing advice on project risk assessment and strategic investment. 

Travis is an expert in energy storage resources and their applicability to customers, grid operators and wholesale markets.  Travis has performed extensive analysis for a wide range of customers on the opportunities, risks and impacts of energy storage resources on power systems. Travis has deep expertise in competitive energy procurement having worked on various procurement initiatives as the independent administrator including Nova Scotia wind RFP in 2012 and Emera’s Atlantic Link Notice of Solicitation for renewables in 2017. Travis offers clients participating in competitive energy procurements through competition strategy, competitor analysis along with offering detailed knowledge of generation curtailment risk, regional transmission constraints and power system operational restrictions for all electricity market participants. 

Prior to Power Advisory, Travis worked as a Senior Business Analyst as the lead on the ongoing evolution of the Feed-In Tariff program for the OPA. Travis worked as a Transmission Planner at the OPA where he was a lead for connection assessment development as part of the Feed-In Tariff program, reviewing both transmission and distribution impacts. He was also involved in developing regional integrated system plans with ten to twenty year planning horizons along with assessing bulk system requirements. He was the lead on a study on Distributed Generation impacts in urban centers to understand the barriers and benefits of large scale integration. Previous to his work at the OPA, Travis was a Distribution Engineer at Hydro Ottawa where he was responsible for capital planning, asset management, reliability analysis, regulatory filing support and project management. 

Travis has served on the board of the Queen’s University Engineering Society Services Inc.(QUESSI – the Campus Bookstore) and was a University Councillor for Queen’s University. Travis has an MSc in Electrical Engineering and a BSc in Electrical Engineering, both from Queen’s University.