Country Manager Canada at Fortescue Future Industries

A dynamic, successful leader with over twenty years of executive experience nationally and internationally spanning the public, private, non-profit and regulatory sectors delivering results and building high performance teams in Canada and overseas. I have led organizations ranging in size from 40-33,000, including unions. I believe in partnering to achieve strategic wins, having done this successfully at the tribal, community, provincial, national and international levels. I have operated at the highest of diplomatic levels nationally and internationally including working with the Special Advisor to Presidents Bush and Obama for almost five years.

As part of the Fortescue enterprise I oversee the introduction of industrial-scale green hydrogen into Canada; our intent is to create a new energy pathway that is clean, competitive, and responsibly addresses climate change. As such I lead a team that: actively interacts with federal, provincial, local and Indigenous leadership across the Nation; develops both greenfield and macro-power purchase potential projects; identifies and engages offtake opportunities; and works globally to harness the most innovative technologies in this energy space. Our intention is to be in earliest production of green hydrogen and green ammonia before 2030 at an unprecedented scale.