Kanaka Bar Band

Chief Patrick Michell has dedicated his life’s work to taking grass roots actions to reduce the impacts of climate change in his community and beyond – and his tireless and common sense advocacy is well known across the political spectrum, both provincially and federally. 
Closer to home, under Chief Michell’s leadership, Kanaka Bar has transitioned from a community struggling from the diverse impacts of Canadian colonization to a community that has instilled climate resiliency into all decisions and investments made within and by the community. The community has implemented a community resiliency plan that aims to further the energy self-sufficiency, sustainability, and vibrancy of Kanaka Bar. As a result of this plan, Kanaka Bar has installed over 40 kW of grid tied power in solar PV projects. The chief’s leadership serves not only as an example for many other Indigenous communities but offers inspiration to all Canadians that the climate crisis isn’t insurmountable.