CEO – Northern Nations 

Matt Vickers has been entrenched in his tradition and a top-notch business leader for the past forty-four (44) years. He has been honored for his performance in business and his passion for supporting others in valuing diversity in the workplace. Focused on niche market delivery, client attention and retention, governance, and a determination for success, he has built several successful businesses in a variety of sectors including First Nations artwork, technology, and management consulting. He has worked with Royal Bank Financial Group as a Senior Manager developing their Aboriginal Banking program. Matt left his position as the Provincial Director of Aboriginal Services and a Partner with Meyers Norris Penny in June 2009. Matt is now a Partner & CEO of Generating for 7 Generations (a $27 billion rail project) and owner of Vickers & Associates management and financial consultancy. Matt recently took on the additional position of Director and CEO for NorthernNations Cooperative.

He currently sits on several boards:

President’s Advisory Board – Simon Fraser University (past)

Founding member of the Chinook Program – University of British Columbia (past)

Past co-founder of Administration of Aboriginal Government Program – University of Victoria (past) Past Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Program Council – The Banff Centre (past)

President’s Advisory Council – University of British Columbia (past) NorthernNations Cooperative (current)

Founding member and Co-Chair, Circle of Advisors, Honoring Nations Canada (current) External Thought Leader Advisor, Auditor General for British Columbia (current)

Motivational Speaker

Vickers has accepted motivational speaking engagements from a wide variety of business organizations including the Association of Professional Economists for BC, BC Ministry of Forests, University of BC – Educating Educators, Carrier Sekani Child & Family Services, Truck Loggers Association of BC, Armed Services of Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Authority, BC Justice Institute, Vancouver Multicultural Society, China – Various Universities – Business Groups – Government Leaders & Tourism Organizations, Municipal Association of BC, Chambers of Commerce for Vanderhoof & Fort Saint James, Royal Bank, Royal Trust, Dominion Securities, Business at the Summit, University of Victoria, Swinton & Company, Aboriginal Financial Officers of BC, Computers for Schools, Meyers Norris Penny, AECOM and Northwest Community College.

His presentations revolve around topics such as diversity in business development, professional client relations, powerful team dynamics, self-empowerment, goal setting, grassroots marketing in Aboriginal countries, conflict resolution, and building trusting business relations.

Aboriginal Awareness Sessions

Vickers’s award-winning Indigenous/Aboriginal Awareness Sessions have earned him the 1999 End Racism Award by the Province of BC, Distinguished Service Award-Human Rights by the Vancouver Multi- Cultural Society, and a Commendation from the Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP for the Pacific Region.

Family Man

Vickers’s commitment to creating an enduring legacy that will educate and impact the world is surpassed only by his commitment to his family; he is the proud father of six children Matthew, Aliah, Faith, Joshua, Shivan & Alan, and three grandchildren Taylor, Violet, and Elaina. Matt currently resides in Sechelt B.C. with his beautiful wife Paiman. Matt’s ancestry is Heiltsuk (Grandfather’s side), Tsimshian (Grandmother’s side), Haida (Great Grandfather’s side), and English on his mother’s side.