The BC Government recently called an election for October 24th 2020. To help inform the British Columbians who support renewable electricity, Clean Energy BC will be surveying the BC Liberal Party, the New Democrat Party of BC, and the BC Green Party leaders for answers to these key questions. We will share their answers publicly on our website as part of the #CleanEnergyVote initiative.
We posed these three key questions to party leaders. We also encourage you to ask candidates in your riding these questions to inform your decision:

  1. Do you support electricity self-sufficiency in the Province of British Columbia?
  2. Do you intend to pursue electrification to reduce BC’s emissions and meet our climate targets by using electricity generated in British Columbia by Independent Power Producers?
  3. Do you commit to further reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples through renewable electricity development to provide economic opportunity?

Why the Clean Energy Vote? Background information here

  • BC Green Party answers can be viewed here.
  • BC Liberal Party answers can be viewed here.
  • BC New Democratic Party answers requested. 
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